pronounce it “facks”

updated 1 october 2016

Q. Hi, who are you?

A. Hello! my name is erica. i live in Chicago. i'm married to Vlad. i make websites for a living, and a lot of different kinds of art for a life. Since Fall 2015 i've been doing this thing where i don't capitalize my name or pronouns that refer to myself, experimenting with identity, like a teenager. If you indulge this thing and refer to me as lowercase “erica” that's wonderful; if you don't, no worries :)

Q. I have questions about your appearance on Jeopardy.

A. Step on over to my Jeopardy FAQ 

Q. Tell me about your art!

A. Ok!

Q. Shouldn't you pick a discipline and focus? Then you would get really good at one thing and gain the creative traction you've been dreaming of the last ten years.

A. Uh …

Q. I'm not saying you'd have to cross all the other art out of your life.

A. Sure.

Q. But I think it would be good for you — and for your art! — to just like go all‑in on one thing. Do you care about what I'm saying right now?

A. No.

Q. I have other strong notions about how you should live your life; would you like to hear them?

A. :)

Q. Why don't you have comments on your blog?

A. It's not that kind of blog. Think of it as more like Abraham Lincoln's letters to the Imperiled Union. Also, internet comments generally are barf. That's the most polite description. So, no thank you.

Q. What's next?

A. i want to be more fashionable. i want every day to be, “hey! What are you dressed for?“ and the answer: LIFE. i'm dressed for my LIFE, friend. Fashion 2016.

More screenwriting. More visual art. More music. And music lessons! i've been playing guitar for 20 years, but i can't rip out a solo. Can't even come close! i want to be able to rip out solos. And jazz piano. i want to deliver hot noodles of jazz piano.

And a lot of keeping doing what i've already been doing. Keep tutoring. Keep making comedy. Keep making poetry. Keep performing. Keep writing. Keep working out. Practice loving Vlad every day. Practice loving [general] every day.